4 Deadly Dirtbike Tricks

Moms everywhere right now are telling their kids not to ride motorbikes because they are too dangerous. What they are referring to is the fact that on the road, a rider has much less protection from collision and they are more vulnerable to hazards out in the open air. Couple this with the fact that car drivers don’t often look for or see bikes in their lanes and you have a big danger on your hands. What mums aren’t talking about is the crazy, death defying stunts that many professional dirt bike riders perform at shows. These mad feats of in air twists, turns and holds make for a fantastic spectacle but of course are hugely risky moves. Luckily your mum probably doesn’t know about these or she would truly have a heart attack when you proposed the idea, which brings us immediately to our first trick on the list.

Heart Attack

This move like many on the list has a very apt name and clearly describes a very likely possibility for both the rider and their family when performing. To execute the heart attack riders jump high from a ramp and hold onto the handlebars with all their might. Removing their legs from the flanks of the bike and floating upwards freely for a moment, this move puts you at the mercy of your ride. Losing your grip and not landing it are both your top fears on this one, though some variations require you to temporary let go, scary.

Double Front Flip

This may seem like a step down from the previous one but when it comes to executing it, even a single front flip is extremely tough. On a bike the power is behind you so naturally  the bike wants to rear up, which makes the front flip much harder to pull off. Positioning your weight, body and the bike right is crucial and few people have been able to pull this one off without consequences. It is widely known that a famous rider named Bruce Cook performed this trick but didn’t land it, the result unfortunately was paralysis.

Kiss of Death Backflip

Another great name for a stunt that should keep most from even trying it in the first place. The danger here is twofold, first you jerk forward close enough to the tire that you look like you are going to kiss it (hence the name). Then if that wasn’t scary enough you hold onto the bars for dear life as you push your body away from the bike as it turns around. The posture of those who pull this one off looks perfect, and that’s because with high hazard tricks anything less than perfect spells pain, or much worse. It’s a terrifying move but one that looks incredible when pulled off.

Shaolin Backflip

This one is a pretty masterful trick, most people could probably pull off the posture on the ground let alone hurtling through the air. Here the rider shoves their legs through the gap in between their shoulders and the handlebars and then quickly reverses it before landing. All of this while the bike turns 360 degrees in the air. With so much room for error it’s a wonder how simply practicing this trick didn’t hospitalise all who attempted it.