Best Motor Cycles for Beginners

If you feel tired of struggling with the morning commute and endless lines of traffic, or just long for a different experience on the weekend, making the switch to a two-wheel ride might just be an option. As a beginner it’s a good idea to give careful consideration to the type of machine that will suit your needs and budget. Obviously, the market is pretty extensive, so your choice might be a little confusing. If you know people who already have experience with motorcycles, then pick their brain and get some good referrals. Ultimately everyone’s choice is their own and can be deeply personal, so these next suggestions will maybe get the ball rolling. Perhaps the first mistake some would be riders make is wanting to start off on a machine too big and heavy so don’t be afraid to keep your expectations reasonable. It’s good to think of whether you expect this bike to be a once and for all time purchase or perhaps part of a longer journey, where the purchase may soon be traded up as experience and confidence grow. Also consider the kind of rider you want to be. Is this simply to beat the heavy commuter traffic or a chance to realize a long-held dream of driving into the sunset on a series of motorcycle adventures. These factors may affect your choice for comfort, styling and handling capabilities to name just a few features. You could do a lot worse than starting with the iconic Vespa that whilst not the choice of purist bikers offers a classy look full of modern touches. You can putter on the 50-cc city machine or up the ante with the 300 cc GTS series that will tackle the open road.

Obviously, price varies according to the extra options you may choose but this is a great place for the beginner to start! If your leaning is more to the rocker look and less of the mod overtones of the scooter you might try the Triumph Street Twin, a modern take on the bikes in 50s and 60s Britain. The Street Twin is a relatively easy bike to begin on and grow into and therefore will be a useful every day or long-haul machine. It’s still a lot of bike at 900 cc but one that is relatively easy to get to grips with. If that seems too daunting maybe take a look at something smaller than that will do the job around town and provide a bit of fun on the weekend. Not one for the long-haul but a good starter bike is either the Honda 125 cc Grom or the Kawasaki Z125. These are not ideal for the freeway but if you need to get through all that city congestion you could do a lot worse than one of these little beauties whose agility could be just what you need!

Perhaps now is the time to consider something in between. The 300-class motorcycle can deliver the more substantial riding experience without getting ahead of yourself engine wise. This bike gives a little more substance whilst keeping control and manoeuvrability in mind. The bike can be maintained relatively easily which is a plus and depending on the model is not too expensive as a start out purchase. Models to watch for include Honda’s 300 Rebel, BMW’s 300 and the Kawasaki Versys-X 300. Finally, as a real alternative to the daily hassle of commuting but with some of the comfortable features of the car you could give an automatic transmission bike a try. Obviously, the joy of riding a motorcycle is for many all about the multitasking that is necessary engaging brain, feet, hands and balance to find the perfect ride. If as a beginner this seems a little daunting why not consider the Honda CTXDCT machine. It uses a six-speed computer controlled transmission to do the gear changing for you. It’s a full-size bike so you have the look and if you want to progress to shifting gear you have that option too. A little more expensive but a good way to go to feel what it’s like to ride a motorcycle without being completely overwhelmed. Whatever way you choose to go as a beginner be sure to ride safe and enjoy.