Best Motorcycle Racing Games

What better way to pass the time than by playing games? If you’re a motorcycle fan, then you must love to play motorcycle racing games. Motorcycle games can be very exciting and most games offer great graphics that makes everything seem more realistic. With technology steadily advancing and everything moving towards the internet, nowadays, you don’t have to set in front of the television screen in order to enjoy your favorite game. Most popular games are now mobile-friendly, meaning that you can play them from your smartphone or laptop anytime you like. Here are the best motorcycle racing games that you can enjoy!

Death Moto

Death Moto is a free motorcycle racing game for Android and iOS devices. In this game, the objective is to throw as many motorcycle riders as you can. You can pick up tools, target, and throw riders to win the game. The closer you get to other riders, you get more helmets that can be used to unlock other vehicles. It’s a great game for players of all ages who love motorcycles. Death Moto can be shared on various social networks.

Racing Moto

Racing Moto is a realistic, free racing game for Android devices where you are forced to drive your motorcycle at crazy speeds between heavy traffic. This is what makes the game difficult, because in real life, there are ideal locations to ride your motorcycle for safety. You play using only your fingertips and controllers are simple and intuitive, which makes gameplay seamless. This is a very fun motorcycle game and it is very easy to learn, so it’s the perfect family game for motorcycle lovers of all ages.

Motorbike GP

Motorbike GP is a motor racing simulator game that is free for Android and iOS devices. With this interactive game, you can drive up to twelve bikes in five tracks with realistic graphics and physics. There are three camera modes available. The objective of this game is to win races to collect cash to purchase access to more bikes and tracks. Motorbike GP is a nice distraction when trying to escape the stresses of the day.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a free physics-based motoracing game for iOS and Android devices that offer a unique and fun experience to its players. In this entertaining game, there is a wide range of different vehicles and courses to choose from. The physics engine in the game makes the game more difficult and keeps players coming back for more. Hill Climb Racing makes for the perfect pastime and is enjoyed by all members of motorcycle-loving families.


SpeedMoto is a fun, free game for Android devices that displays cool 3D graphics and allows a simple and intuitive motorbike control by simply tapping on the screen to go faster and by swapping the phone to change directions. Much like an arcade game for phones, this game is very entertaining and easy to learn. You don’t need a wifi connection to play this game and it runs smoothly on any device.

Moto X Mayhem

Moto X Mayhem is a motorbike racing game for a small fee that can be played on Android and iOS devices. The game works with the built-in acceleration detector of your mobile device to balance out the gravity of your motorcycle. If you’ve always enjoyed riding motorcycles and dirt bikes, this game recreates that experience for you, as it is a very realistic game that is great for everyone to play and have a little fun.

Giant Moto

Giant Moto is a high speed motocross game that can be played on iOS devices for a small fee. In this 3D motocross bike game, you can race against yourself or up to three other bikes in various difficulty levels. This is a very simple and intuitive game that has plenty of levels to keep you wanting more. It’s very easy to get hooked on this game. A version of this game was available back in the day on Nintendo. It’s been a very popular motorcycle racing game for some time.

Bike Race: Motorcycle Racing

Bike Race is a free motorcycle racing game for iOS devices only. In this fun, challenging game, you drive your bike through amazing tracks with jumps and loops. With this physics-based game, you’re able to tilt your device to lean your bike and touch the screen to accelerate or brake. It features single and multiplayer modes, tons of addictive worlds, and you’re able to earn stars to unlock more rewards. Bike Race is super simple, but tons of fun, especially for families of all sizes and ages.


Playing these types of motorcycle racing games can be tons of fun if you’re an avid rider or even if you’ve never had the luxury of riding. Engaging in motorcycle games really give you an adrenaline rush as if you were out on the road actually racing. Personally, I prefer to play older games that I grew up playing and games like blackjack. I’m not much of a racer, however, if you are, these would be the best games for you to check out!