Best Places to See a Motorcycle Race

The word motocross comes from the combination of the French for motorcycle, moto and cross for cross country. It’s origins date back to motorcycle scrambling in 1924 Surry, England. From these humble amateur beginnings scrambling has developed into the motocross we see in the US which now represents $1 billion business. While some of the most entertaining tracks are to be found in the US Europe has some pretty exciting venues too so let’s consider a few of the best around the world. Hawkstone Park in the UK dates back to the 1950s when large crowds would gather to watch scrambling. Since that time the track has been revamped and presently hosts the international event in March to start the motocross season. The track features a one in three gradient hill that leads to a 2-m vertical drop and descent that will surely challenge the best riders. Glen Helen in the US is an equally iconic track offering some spectacular jumps and hills especially Mount Saint Helens a 200-foot climb followed by a crazy steep descent. All this fun in the California sun! Skip back to Europe and one finds the track at Ernee France with its spectacular grandstand with room for 40,000! The track has some great features that make it a thrill for both rider and spectator including twists and turns and huge drop offs. Gorna Rositza in Bulgaria has been voted best track in the world twice in a row and with good reason. A really challenging track that will almost certainly get the better of any bike or rider that isn’t quite up to par. The track combines long uphills that result in spectacular descents and an amazing twenty-eight jumps on every lap. Loket in the Czech Republic is another of the older tracks dating from the 70s. The track looks deceptively simple, but it’s climbs, and descents will keep both rider and spectator entertained. Back in the US a number of tracks have risen to the ranks of outstanding when it comes to rider satisfaction and entertainment quality for the crowds. Unadilla on the East Coast has been in use since 1969 and is the oldest facility in the US that is used on a continuous basis. The track features the Sky Shot a 100-foot table top where the riders treat the fans to some fancy jumps. The Gravity Cavity, as the name suggests, produces some pretty awesome jumps too, so all in all a thrilling circuit. The course at Southwick, New England USA has a different kind of challenge. Not all motocross skills centre around the steep hills and highflying. This course presents the rider with driving on sand and plenty of it! The course challenges both the strength and skill of the rider and the durability of the bike. For a spectacle like no other Larocco’s Leap on the Red Bud track in Michigan USA provides 120 ft. triple step right off the corner. The thrills and spills are right in front of the grandstand, so this track is especially exciting for the spectators. The racing that takes place on July 4 ensures that a good time is had by all as partying to celebrate this special American holiday is sure to follow. Finally, our line up goes back to the UK where it all started. Matterley Basin is capable of accommodating crowds of 80,000. Situated outside Winchester in beautiful countryside this relatively young venue features a track of hard packed soil incorporating amazing jumps. Take your pick from any of these tracks and you will be sure to see some amazing motocross in action.

Larocco’s Leap