Best Spots to Visit On a Motorcycle Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be enjoyed. They are mainly time to be relaxed and really enjoyed. I have heard some people complained about not enjoying their vacations, and I almost kept wondering

“why aren’t you enjoying your vacations like I am?!”

Not all vacation are supposed to go wrong! In fact, some vacations never go wrong!. Vacations like camping in the Zion National Park, eating through the heart of New Orleans and much more never goes wrong! As a motorcycle rider on a vacation trip, have u ever tried adding motorcycle trips to your vacations? it is just like joining the big league! In this piece, I will be talking about some interesting and bet spots to visit on a motorcycle vacation.

Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley

This valley is in New York, just about 90 minutes outside Manhattan. It is a 80miles road that include scenic vistas of River Hudson. It is a valley with enough wineries and restaurants in addition to its quaint villages. The valley runs from Yonkers to Albany (south to North) having interstate 87 and highway 9 to its East and West respectively.

Zion National Park

This is a 54- mile scenic park that runs through highway 9 to mount Camel junction. It has top spots that offers civilized facilities. Not only the National is the main attraction, but also the surroundings such as the Grand canyon, Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell.

Las Vegas Outskirt

Las Vegas Outskirt

It has its highways 167 and 169 that connects the valley of five National Park, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. It offers an outstanding natural view that makes the las Vegas strip dazzle. The winter months is not the best time to take a ride on this outskirt, because it could put damper on the ride, making the ride a little bit difficult. The speed limit is low, and there is a strong and active law towards enforcing it.

Idaho Grand Loop

This is just a place you will not want to see. Who wouldn’t love to see an epic road that has about 2549-miles route? Originating from Salt lake city and runs through various cities like Utah, Idaho, Wyomi4ng, Oregon, Washington, and stops at Montana.

Black Hills

Mount Rushmore can be visited anytime of the year. The South Dakota highways 87, all to hill city has stunning sites like Custer States park and Wind cave National park. This route also gives access to Mount Rushmore National Memorials, leading to the massive Sturt’s motorcycle rally. It also offers lodges and boutique hotels and has a charming ways of observing the tiny critters in their habitats.


This highways will take you to endless fantastic locations. Starting from Fort Colin’s( which is about an hour North), Aspen (about 4hours west) to the Grand sand, Dune National Park and Colorado Spring (4hours East and one hour South respectively). Other places like Big Island, Million dollars highways, grand canyon, monument valleys, Mackinac island, etc are other fascinating spot to visit for a motorcycle ride during vacations.