Head Turning Motorbike Designs

Ever since the invention of the automobile, something about riding on two wheels has always been cooler. Sure, there is the bicycle but without a motor you just cant reach the face pulling velocity of a motorcycle. Bikes have forever been seen as the cool brother to the car and of course those who ride them have a reputation for being daredevils or just all round more stylish people. As we have gotten used to the standard look of a motorbike, new concepts are constantly pushing the boundaries for what two wheelers in the future might look like. Designers have been creating dynamic and unconventional motorbikes for years, in the hope that some ideas may just take off when technology catches up, or consumers do. Here is a look at a few great ideas.

Halbo Future

Some people don’t think this looks cool, but that’s probably because Segways have a bed reputation. This little number that is kind of a cross breed between the walking aid and a motorbike is meant to help efficiency. Powered by electricity this design is not just interesting but eco friendly and could be the answer city people are looking for.

The Batpod

Batman is inseparable from cool gadgets and impressive vehicles, almost every car owner has referred to their ride as the batmobile at least once. But again, two wheels are somehow slicker and Batman himself knows this. Various Batcycles have appeared through the ages but one unforgettable version is the Batpod, which was shown in the film The Dark Knight. This beast worked as a safeguard in place of the eject button on the car and instead shot the rider out onto this hulking wide wheeled monster. Infamously difficult to actually ride on set, the stunt guys took many takes when trying to maneuver as slick as planned, but it did work, and it still looks impressive.

Honda CB750 Concept

Known for their innovation and out of the box solutions, automobile company Honda created this concept back in 2015 and it still looks just as impressive today. Something about its angles immediately makes you think of videogame polygons which is probably why this carbon fiber and titanium masterpiece looks so cutting edge. With an OLED touch screen interface this bike would truly be a leap forward for riders if they released it out into the world.

Tron Light Cycle

The world of Tron has never quite made it to reality which is a shame because there are so many interesting and futuristic looking gadgets here. The most memorable from both of the films is no doubt the motorbike which can be conjured out of anywhere by simply getting into position. The lights on it, the spoke free wheels and its straight up cyberpunk look keeps this at the top of wants for sci-fi riders everywhere.


This metallic shard by designer Alexander Kotlyarevsky certainly takes a page or two out of the Tron designs but comes into its own in a unique way. This seemingly one-piece construction looks both sharp and curvy with a cutaway design that looks both exciting and lightweight. This aerodynamic construction could be ever-present on highways of tomorrow.