How to Get into Motocross – Part 2

Taking up motocross is not as hard as you may think, yes you will most likely have to buy your first motocross bike but if you already are a bike rider you probably have most of the clothing you require. Just bare in mind that because these bikes are not street legal then you will need some sort of transportation to get them to the dirt track. Here are some more helpful tips to get you on the right track to start enjoying the sport.

Get Some Professional Advice

As with learning any sport it is advisable to take advice from a pro, as these riders can teach you the basics that you will carry through the rest of your motocross experience. There are also riding schools but they are a little pricey for your first instruction. However, riding schools offer many different motorcycles for you to choose from. And riding on different machines will only enhance your skills. The main advantage of a riding school is the track, and everything will be for the benefit of the riders.

A good idea is to look online to see if there are any seasonal and one off coaching days from ex-professionals. These are relatively inexpensive and also great fun.

Join a Local Club

If you want to ride on a regular basis you will need to join a motocross club, and being a member of such a club opens up doors for entering competitions both regionally and nationally. There will of course be an annual fee and you will probably have to pay a separate fee to enter competitions. Most competitions are split into age groups, so the competitors will be of the same average age when they are juniors or youths. When it comes to seniors most riders are graded to their skill levels, and so you are never too far out of your depth.

Boots and Helmets

Although as a motorcycle rider you probably have all the necessary protective gear, to ride motocross you will need a specialized helmet and boots. The best brands include, Answer, Fly, and Alpinestars for riding gear as they have great modern materials that are tough but light. Pay attention to some sort of protection for your back and your chest, to stop gravel and loose stones peppering your body like machine-gun fire. Finally a strong pair of goggles are imperative, they should include tear-off strips so your vision is always clear.


For most amateur motocross riders the diversity of the circuits and tracks mean that it is essential that you practice as much as you possibly can to improve. As one famous motocross rider once said, there is no better training than riding. This cannot be more true, and the riders that practice on a regular basis and know the diversity of riding conditions are simply the best.

Motocross can be a really rewarding sport, that is addictive for the riders who have embraced it. And if you follow our helpful tips then you are well on the way to becoming a motocross rider.