The Best Games For Bikers

Although if you are a true bike fanatic you will own and ride one often, there are sometimes when you just can’t. From fatigue to terrible weather, there are plenty of reasons you may want to remain indoors in the comfort of your own home instead of donning your leathers for a lengthy trip. Similarly, you may fantasise about riding in more extreme situations, reaching blistering speeds that the roads wont legally allow, or maybe you wish but don’t have the means to hit the dirt in your bike. With no legitimate excuse necessary the video game industry has stepped in to make sure that anyone can jump aboard a motorbike and take to two wheels with speed and style despite their actual driving capabilities. Here are some of the best titles for satisfying your biking fantasies.

Ride 3

Stepping in where racing simulators like Project Gotham Racing left off, this bike lovers paradise is a gateway into riding for real. With over two hundred different bikes to choose from and numerous customisation options, you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the digital garage way before you even get out on the road. Once you do however you will notice the superior graphics and noteworthy attention to detail on the tracks and their surrounding environment. Diving into the 30 real-world courses feels great and thoroughly real as you practice taking your corners and flooring the straights time and time again.


Just like the FIFA titles, NBA and MMA games that all have a digital version of their sport, MXGP is the official Motocross title and is essential for those who love the game. Get ready for chunky tire treads, nasty jumps and of course and endless amount of dirt thrown every which way as you go full speed on these muddy tracks. The latest instalment of the series features all the most recent riders and their corresponding bikes along with their official sponsors. Also included is a track editor that lets your imagination run wild as you set yourself up for more messy fun.

Road Redemption
Road Redemption

Road Redemption

This one is for those who love a little mischief. You may think that combining the racing of regular bike games with the attack mechanics of Mario Kart would have been done already, and you would be right. This kickstarted indie title is a tribute to the 1991 game Road Rash where bikers make their way at top speeds around a course dishing out damage to competitors with all manner of grisly instruments. In Road redemption the premise is the same, but the violence is taken to the next level as firearms are added to the rapid moto-chaos that ensues.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Don’t forget this massive multiplayer online title that features huge realistic maps. The test drive series is for those who love to cruise, their maps are notably enormous and take a good deal of real time to actually travel across. In the sequel you will be taken to a Hawaiian island as well as club haven Ibiza, here you can jump on a bike and take things slow, soaking in the environment as you so please.