The Greatest Ever
Italian Valentino Rossi

His fans call him The Greatest of all time and he deserves his title. After a total of nine world championship titles, Italian Valentino Rossi has long been an international idol. He has 115 wins so far and 402 races. He has entered the race from pole position 65 times. This incredible track record and his exalted behavior on and next to the racetrack have made him one of the best-known top athletes. Rossi ears around ten million euros a year. He is the greatest for his fans. They affectionately call him the doctor. However, his start in a racing career was somehow very bumpy.

From Soccer Player to Motorcyclist

His mother wanted her son to be a successful football player. Once his father brought son to try karting and this is how the Rossi’s love for motorsport was born. But his family was poor. They could not buy him a kart and little Valentino, therefore, switched to a minibike. He was quick to celebrate his first successes. Rossi achieved his first victory in 1991. In 1993, he already drove racing machines on the road and was the third in the Italian sports production championship. Just two years later, he won his first title. Numerous other championships followed over the next years. As the second driver in history, he managed to win a world championship title in three different classes. When the MotoGP class was born, Rossi was initially unbeatable there. One victory was following by another victory.

Soaring and Crashing

Now the star looks back on nine world championship titles in four different classes. But ValentinoRossi also knows the dark side of a motorsport career. Rossi was seriously injured several times. In 2010, he suffered a double open fracture of the frontal bone during free practice at the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello. A year later, he was involved in a tragic accident through no fault of his own and his colleague died. He narrowly missed his tenth title several times. In 2015 and 2016 it was almost in his hands, but Rossi somehow missed the first place. That was also due to his hot temper. After a deliberate handicap by Marc Marquez, he had to start at the end of the field in the last race of the 2014/2015 season. Most likely, this was a reason that cost him his tenth world title.

Soaring and Crashing